Majestic Harmony

Crafting a sophisticated modern design, the focal point of the owners’ vision was a stunning, contemporary kitchen – a showpiece that seamlessly combines beauty with functionality. The design challenge? To strike a balance between a pristine front kitchen and a bustling, practical back section, all while ensuring child-friendly features. The kitchen, strategically positioned for visibility from various angles, is bathed in natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows on the west side, offering scenic reflections from the water below.

Our mission extended beyond aesthetics; we aimed to temper the intense light with darker, light-absorbing surfaces, creating a harmonious play of illumination. This vision echoes throughout the home, with a tranquil color palette, exquisite wainscoting, a plush bed headboard, and a thoughtfully designed niche adorned with lighting. Beyond aesthetics, the functional layout adds to the sense of spaciousness, transforming the entire space into a cozy haven.

Budget: RM 220,000

Property Type: Condominium

Size: 1100 sq.ft

Rooms: 3+1 rooms

Location: Petaling Jaya


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