Contemporary Symphony Interior Design-Petaling Jaya

An exhilarating journey with us as we unveil the drastic transformation of a 1500 sq.ft condominium nestled in the heart of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. In just two months, witness the meticulous restoration of the masterbedroom, resurrecting their original grandeur, while the rear undergoes a bold re-imagination, fusing kitchen, dining, and living spaces into a seamless symphony of modern masculinity home design. Picture the narrative: a swift metamorphosis within the existing building footprint, where every detail is reimagined, repurposed, and revitalized.

The result? A captivating blend of restored heritage and contemporary finesse that breathes new life into every corner.

Our canvas? A harmonious dance of high-quality materials, carefully curated to craft a luxurious and timeless palette. This is not just a renovation; it’s a narrative of balancing the old with the new, infusing the space with character, and creating a story that unfolds with every step. Experience with a touch of modern masculinity interior design in Petaling Jaya, and the promise of a home that resonates with the heartbeat of exciting stories yet to unfold.

Budget: RM 280,000

Property Type: Condominium

Size: 1500 sq.ft

Rooms: 3+1 rooms

Location: Petaling Jaya


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