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Modern Luxe Magic: Turning an Existing Condo into a Desired Getaway

This fabulous condo makeover demonstrates how a contemporary glamour approach can offer a stylish and functional sanctuary. For a careful client, the work combines laconicism, using only high-quality materials, and adherence to the concept – all this within an area of 1200 sq. ft. space.

Curved Appeal: Spinning an Old Tale

The living area departs from the box-like format of many contemporary homes with an eye-catching TV console. Round seems to be the new square, and the curved concrete edge adds a more modern and visually interesting element to prove that small changes can make a big difference. This luxe designs choice show how the sleekness of the modern appearance can be balanced with a hint of the softness of curves well.

Reflective Wonder: Making Space Look Bigger with Style

A mirror grabs attention in the dining room making the room look bigger. It adds to the stylish look and makes people want to stay and enjoy the fancy vibe. Nice Space for Work and Chill Time The modern fancy look isn’t just in the living room. It’s in the study too turning it into a place that’s both pretty and practical. It’s perfect for people who work and want their office to look good.

Shiny Fancy: The Bedroom Closet

The bedroom is set up to be a calm place to rest. The closet’s important for this calm feel. Its shiny grey glass doors look good and make the bedroom seem larger. This shows how today’s style puts together aesthetic looks and functionality.

Get Ready for a Fancy Chill Spot

The end result shows the strength of up-to-date luxury design. They picked each design piece, like the bent console and the mirror wall carefully to make the most of room, use, and looks. This work motivates people who want to lift their apartment life and build a place that shows who they are and is full of luxury.

Budget: RM 250,000

Property Type: Condominium

Size: 1200 sq.ft

Rooms: 3+1 rooms

Location: Petaling Jaya

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Contemporary luxe dining room home design
modern contemporary luxury living room interior design

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