Urban Oasis 

Nestled amidst Petaling Jaya terraces, this home undergoes a bold metamorphosis. From the stark brutalist exterior emerges a tranquil sanctuary, intricately redesigned to captivate. The reimagined interior, artfully connected through strong geometries, frames a modern design. Impeccable detailing accentuates the dynamic palette, embracing natural beauty and crafting a distinct contemporary language. This redesign infuses texture and vitality, transforming the space into a vibrant, cohesive haven.

In a harmonious collaboration with our clients, this project unfolds as a testament to their personalities, woven seamlessly into the fabric of the outcome. Step into a home where architecture meets vitality, and design is a personalized masterpiece.

Budget: RM 500,000

Property Type: Single Storey

Size: 2500 sq.ft

Rooms: 4+1 rooms

Location: Klang Valley



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