There are very few places in a home that attract more people in a social situation than a kitchen. There is something welcoming about the sights, smells and activity in a kitchen that draws people on. Matter the attractions of a living room – or how sparkling the conversation, a kitchen will draw people.

However, there comes a time when that kitchen starts to look a bit out of style – or is not perfectly suited to the needs of those who call that house a home. It may be because the family has grown or the design of the kitchens simply in keeping with ages past. Or it may simply be because the homeowner wants to increase the value of the property. But whatever the reason a kitchen makeover is part and parcel of homeownership.

Once the decision has been made to remodel the kitchen there are a number of issues that should be taken into consideration.

So how does one approach a kitchen remodelling project?

Of course, the consideration of which professional is best equipped and qualified to be that partner is important. But even prior to making the decision of which service provider to employ there are a number of issues that need to be addressed.

The first of these is space – just how much do you have to play around with? Is there the finance and the space to knock a wall out? Is it necessary? It all revolves around functionality – what is it that you want your kitchen to deliver? Get an interior designer to handle everything for you?

If yu entertain a lot and people tend to congregate in that kitchen space then you will need somewhere for them to rest their weary legs. The same will appy if you are simply a homebody and are serving the needs of a significant other or children – where will they sit? This is not an inconsequential question – it will dicate the space you have available to prepare and serve food – and how the recipients of that plated wonder will be bale to enjoy it.

It is all about space. How often do you prepare meals – and of what type? Do you bake or fry – and how often do you entertain? There is a myriad of questions that need to be asked. But they always revolve around space and functionality.

Countertops are absolutely key to the kitchen experience. Just how much space do you need – and which appliances play a central role in your life? There is an enormous difference between an apartment for 1 or 2 and a landed home. And the requirements of those who are between the ages of 20 and 30 and an older generation are very different. Lock up and go and homebodies are different demographics.

So what do those two lifestyles mean when it comes to kitchen design? For one thing the ‘lock-up and go person’ is not usually the type of person who will be making cookies on a regular basis. The older and more established generation may have different ideas as far as kitchen functionality is concerned.

Space is an issue that will dictate how your ideal kitchen is designed. Think of how you move around and the appliances that you will be using every day. You do not have to have the best and the brightest – but you must be able to move from guest to guest and from task to task with a minimum of effort.

A kitchens a place of safety, love and care for all who use it – or gather there. Make sure that you plan yours well.

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