Are you thinking of doing a kitchen make-over? A good start is searching for the latest trends in kitchen cabinets, which we can promise to make a whole lot of difference in your kitchen look and functionality. You may not need to spend for an entire renovation anymore if you pick the best kitchen cabinet design. Remodelling kitchen cabinets can help you achieve a more functional place for cooking with added storage solutions to make things easier for everyone in the household. You do not have to put up with cluttered cabinets anymore because there are many types of custom kitchen cabinets available in the market today.

And we’re not just talking about any design here. Do you know what’s trending in kitchen cabinets? If you think modern kitchens are all about sleek designs and stainless steel appliances, then you’re wrong because trends such as open floor plans and shaker doors and drawers are making a huge comeback!

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We will look into kitchen cabinet trends that you will still love even after 10 years.

1. Shaker Door Style

This door style is known for its simplicity and unadorned look. It’s a classic choice for homeowners who prefer simple and more natural-looking designs while also giving more flexibility when it comes to choosing cabinet hardware and knobs or pulls.  This is not really a new design, as it has been around for years. It tops the list because we are sure that you can never go wrong when going for this classic trend.

2. Contemporary Style

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are really an eye-catcher since they are known for their clean lines, simple shapes, and bold colours that are not too flashy. The contemporary style is projected to be the next big thing this year because of its subtle elegance that lets you play with cool textures and colours without compromising the overall feel of your kitchen. It comes in flat panels combined with interesting angles at the edges or mix-and-match finishes such as matte and gloss. 

3. Mid Century Modern Design

Midcentury modern cabinets borrow from retro designs that focus more on wood grain rather than paint finishes which were popular before, thus making it a great alternative when you want something new but still in tune with what’s trending. Although this classic design is associated with the past, it will never go out of style because its aesthetic and beauty continue to win over homeowners today. This is best for interiors with natural wood look. It looks more rustic and natural.

4. Shaker Doors and Drawers

If you don’t like cabinets that open up completely, then we’re giving you another option that creates a sleeker look while allowing only one section to be opened at a time – shaker doors and drawers. This type has been around for years but is still popular among homeowners because of its straightforwardness and clean lines. Plus, it complements any kind of cabinet hardware such as machined metal knobs, or modern-looking pulls in different materials such as wood, steel, ceramic, etcetera. 

5. Storage Pull Outs

Another great innovation that makes storage super functional is pull-outs with wheels. These provide easier access to items stored inside cabinets oftentimes at the back corners where we have a hard time reaching through. This design allows cabinet shelves to move out of the way to get what we need easily. It also lets you see everything stored inside cabinets and make use of every available space.

6. Hidden Storage

If your goal is to maximize storage space, then hidden storage or pull-out and roll-out drawers and racks below bottom cabinets are a smart choice because they let us store more stuff within reach but not directly visible. Plus, it’s great for smaller kitchens that do not have much cabinet space for storing items, such as appliances like food processors or stand mixers that tend to take up countertop space when not in use. This is a great option for those living in apartments.

7. Open Floor Plans Kitchen

This kitchen design uses an open layout where the whole kitchen flows together, providing more room and creating an inviting space that is perfect for entertaining friends and family. For those who would like to do away with walls separating the cooking partly from other functional areas, this type of design allows plenty of flexibility for people to move around easily. This also eliminates closed doors so chefs can still interact with others while cooking. The open layout gives the kitchen a roomier feel making it look bigger than its actual floor size.

8. Soft Close Doors and Drawers

This is another trend that’s really about function over form, which provides convenience without sacrificing style since soft close drawers are not just functional. Still, they’re easy on the eyes as well. It closes slowly using hydraulic pressure, ensuring that nothing will fall or break inside cabinets because you won’t hear any slamming sound.

What is a Modular Cabinet?

With the continuous growth of the population, many people are finding that their homes or apartments can no longer accommodate all their various needs. The solution to this is to get perfect Modular Kitchen Cabinets that will provide optimal storage and organization.

It will be like walking into a custom cabinet shop where you get the chance to choose any type and design of cabinet you want, unlike traditional kitchens where cabinets are already pre-built and fixed at home centres and hardware stores. One has the liberty of choosing between different colours and designs that best suit his/her style and preference. You can choose from the eight styles featured above or work closely with a renovation expert to ensure a more functional kitchen cabinet style for your space.

Choosing the best Kitchen Cabinet Design

Before settling for a style, remember to check whether it matches the overall interior of your house.  Also, consider designing your unit first to ensure that it fits your space, and the design will not look odd or out of place.  When it comes to materials, they can be made of wood, metal, or even plastic. It all boils down to what will best fit your space and preference, giving you the most benefits in terms of functionality and style.

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