These days, many of us are getting inspiration from dreamy home interiors. It gets us planning our own home renovations to achieve a more modern aesthetic. As we all know, all these depend hugely on a good interior design.

If you are reading this, you are probably now considering seeking a professional. However, don’t rush it just yet! There is a lot of bad advice that you can easily hear from alleged experts on interior design. It’s best to get those out of the way first, so you do not end up frustrated with the “expectation” versus “reality” difference.  So today, we will go through the worst you should avoid at all costs.

Minimalism Is Getting Rid Of Decor

Everyone’s going for the minimalist theme now because of how neat it looks.  Minimalism is also supposed to “save” you money, though exactly how it isn’t explained. However, if you are looking for a new home based on this theme, be aware that it does NOT mean zero decors. Minimalism is not all about an empty house, and this is usually where it goes wrong. There’s always something that needs some attention, no matter how little the space is. Don’t get too sucked into this minimalist craze because it is nearly impossible to achieve. It’s also not conducive to modern life because you are supposed to relax somewhere, right? So at the very least, have some bookshelves or a coffee table.

However, having too much decor can be just as frustrating, so please don’t do that either! If you are looking for an idea of minimalism, try achieving it with items with high functionality instead. You know, like getting rid of unnecessary things because all you need are the essentials. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by too much stuff around your house and will truly enjoy living there.

Tiny Living Is The Way To Go

Tiny homes look so cute, and you definitely want one of those. Who doesn’t? But even if you follow these tiny home interior ideas, understand that it is not for everyone. People would feel trapped inside a very tiny space, so they should not even try living in something like this. You need to know the limitations of your family first before you venture into such a thing because it is no joke. Know yourself and your loved ones well enough to avoid such mistakes because they will just give you tons of stress for nothing!

More Plants, The Better

Here’s another trend that many of us have probably jumped into. Plants can really add life to any room, which is why we love them/ But make sure you don’t go overboard on how many plants there are in one room.  There needs to be a good balance.

If you are not an expert on how many plants would look perfect, let’s do some math instead! You can have two or three or four at most for your room. Otherwise, it will just look messy because there are now too many spaces where dirt could accumulate now. So if you want to put more than that, divide them into several vases/containers and spread them around the house, so it doesn’t look all clustered together.

Plants not only contribute to the aesthetic, but they also purify the air, so this is definitely a win-win situation! Just avoid trying to overdo it by putting too many things in one area because it could very well ruin your interior design scheme.

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Get Rid Of The Old Pieces

Old is vintage. We tend to think of interior design as something that requires us to buy new items. We want everything to be fresh-looking. But if you are currently renovating your home, it is suggested that you not throw away the old furniture or accessories right away. You can actually use them for things like decorating the garden outside, covering up your storage boxes, and much more! There’s still a lot of life left in that stuff, so don’t just be hasty about dumping them into random places. In fact, they could be the highlight of your overall interior.

Even classic patterns are considered modern nowadays, so try to reuse some old things. It could be a challenge, but it will pay off in the end! You’ll feel so proud of yourself once everything is nicely organized and put together.

New Furniture Are Expensive

The best thing about having an interior design business is getting wholesale deals on different pieces of furniture. So if your friend goes into this line of work, then you should ask them for help or offer to do it with them! You can split orders and then save up on shipping costs because there’s no need to order a whole truckload of anything. Your job would be much easier if you had more people helping out anyway, especially during peak seasons when they might need to order more than usual.

Spending For An Interior Designer Is A Waste Of Money

You can do it yourself, but you have to have a good eye for it. There’s no point in going that route if you lack the skills or knowledge because it will just look like a mess. And that means a lot of wasted time and effort. Just hire someone to do what they are good at so you don’t have to worry about anything else! They’ll probably charge you less than usual as well since they’d be working during off-peak seasons so take advantage of this! It would lessen your expenses, although it might take a little more time to wait for your turn to get helped.


Bad interior design practices may be the current trend, but looking at things from a different perspective could work wonders if done properly. Try to do some research for yourself so you won’t keep on running into bad advice about this subject matter. Who knows? With enough effort, your home might just end up looking like something out of an online store or Pinterest board!

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